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There is nothing quite like a beautiful swimming pool to take an ordinary backyard and turn it into an oasis; a gathering place for family and friends for many years to come. At Raft to Rafters Pool and Spa, we specialize
in making your swimming pool dreams become a reality. We also offer pool service and pool maintenance for any problems you might experience with your pool.

We know that you are busy, and sometimes the last thing you want to do at the end of a long day is come home and clean the pool. If you don’t want to add another chore to your weekly schedule, consider letting us do weekly maintenance and upkeep on your pool. We will balance and maintain your chemical levels, maintain and check that your equipment is working properly, we will dip all the leaves out of your pool, and we will vacuum the bottom for you. Weekly maintenance and upkeep from one of our service professionals will help keep your equipment working properly and it will help avoid costly repairs. The top choice for pool maintenance in South Central Indiana is Raft to Rafters Pool and Spa.

In Business for 44 Years

Since 1974, Raft to Rafters Pool and Spa has provided quality service to families in South Central Indiana.
We do this by hiring knowledgeable employees, trained to offer immediate resolution to your specific pool
problems. Our friendly office staff can answer all of your questions. All of our technicians are licensed and
insured. No other company has the combination of quality staff, extensive experience, and proper

Raft to Rafters Pool and Spa is built around quality, service, creativity, and innovation. Call 812-372-7983 or
visit us online at www.rafttorafters.com to discuss our services today.

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