Back-to-School Pool Party!

Pool Party for Back-to-School


     It’s that time of year again, and what better way to kick-off the new school year than making new friends while splashing and socializing with a Back-to-School Pool Party?!  A backyard pool party offers a refreshing place to bring together friends, old and new, and offer parents and teachers a place to share information while enjoying a healthy afternoon (or evening) of swimming.  Breaking the ‘ice’ with a pool party pitch-in can help ease anxiety, too, for an easier transition to the new school year’s responsibilities.
     Backyard Pool Parties don’t need to be fancy affairs. Make a casual and easy event for parents, including the host/hostess!  No need for snail mail envelopes or spending money on invitations and stamps. Set up an Evite/EventBrite invitation online, and ask the school PTO for email addresses if you don’t already have them in a school directory or previous PTO email. Don’t forget to invite the teacher and his/her family, which is the key to helping younger students look forward to the first day of school.  Teacher emails are available on the school website.  Help the teachers out while you’re at it. Ask everyone to bring teacher-related school supplies to donate to the classroom, like art supplies, hand sanitizer, or paper towels and Kleenex.  These supplies are always in demand!
     Pool Party Pitch-ins are the best – just fire up the grill and offer burgers and brats or hot dogs.  Assign families whose last name begins with “A” through “N” to bring a side dish. Families with last names starting with “O” – “Z” can bring a dessert. Everyone can bring their own drinks, but have a cooler of water outside just in case. Decorate the table with a simple tablecloth (plastic) and napkins of your school colors. Put together a trash bag or cooler full of water balloons (depending on the age/group of children because you don’t want hurt feelings or injuries, and try to keep the balloons out of your pool filter), or just forget the decorations and any other activities.  The back-to-school pool party is about everyone feeling relaxed over a day that can cause anxiety for many of us – students, parents and teachers alike.
     (Note: Make sure the invitations include a note about weather-related changes – and, it’s okay to just cancel. There’s always a chance to have a Labor Day Pool Party!)