Health, Wellness and Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs take Personal Health and Wellness Routines to New Heights

New science is focusing on one of the best things you can do for your health and wellness – right in your own backyard (even if we need a crane to get it there!) – hot tubbing. The scientific terms are; hydrotherapy, water therapy or ‘hot water immersion’.  The benefits of water for exercise and relaxation are as old as mankind, and the benefits of hot water immersion and/or massage were scientifically proven years ago.  It seems, though, the health benefits of a ‘backyard hot tub’ are most often left out of the conversation about personal health and wellness routines. Hot tubs are fun, but they aren’t just for romance or entertainment.

Here are just a couple of proven health benefits of the hot water massage of a hot tub:

  1. Water helps injured joints and chronic joint illness, or chronic pain, like arthritis or Parkinson’s Disease, feel better and heal faster because the buoyancy of water acts as a buffer against the effects of gravity, and the hot water helps the blood flow around an injury or stiff joint.
  2. Immersion in hot water helps increase circulation. When the body is warm and muscles warm up, blood flow increases.
  3. Immersion in hot water helps to reduce swelling. Water puts pressure evenly around our bodies, and with the increased circulation, this also helps reduce swelling.
  4. Not to be underestimated: The Psychological benefits of the relaxation effects of hot water immersion and the sound of water.  
  5. A better complexion. The hot water and steam help to open up pores and release impurities.
Science shows hot water immersion, like hot tubs, can help improve circulation, reduce blood pressure as well as help us relax.

Science shows hot water immersion, like hot tubs, can help improve circulation, reduce blood pressure as well as help us relax.

Hot tubs can also help reduce blood pressure and stress, and help increase flexibility and muscle stretch.  Although those studies are ongoing, here is a link to some great hot water yoga exercises from Swim University.

The Gym, Health and Fitness Club Industry published its U.S. Market Research Report in March 2017, stating Americans are spending nearly $30-billion-dollars a year for club memberships, and one out of every five Americans spends money on an annual membership to a fitness club or nutrition program. New products pop-up daily, it seems, claiming to help women focus on their health and wellness routines -‘The Fitbit’, Smartphone apps, juice extractors, vitamin supplements, milkshakes. Yet, one of the best things we can do for our wellness is as old as the hills- water therapy. And, we can do it in our own backyard spa, any time we want.

For more information on the benefits of hot water immersion, you can read the results of a study by Dr. Jonathan B. Smith for The National Swimming Pool Foundation (“NSPF”), just click this link to see the entire e-book: