Pool Opening & Pool Closing Services

Openings & Closings

Pool Opening & Closing Services in Columbus, Greenburg, Batesville

Raft to Rafters Pool and Spa, Columbus’ premier pool builder, offers pool opening and closing services. When you open your pool, you are chemically balancing the water and assessing any freeze damage that might have occurred to the pool equipment from harsh winter weather. When you winterize or close a pool, you are chemically-treating it and preparing the pool and its equipment to withstand harsh winter weather. Call Raft to Rafters to schedule your pool opening and closing and we will be sure that your pool is properly summerized and winterized to avoid damage to your equipment.

Whether it is springtime and your pool is ready to open, or it is the end of fall and it is time to close your pool, let the pool service professionals at Raft to Rafters do the work for you.

Pool opening services include:

  • Removal of cover
  • Putting cover away if necessary
  • Installation of hand rails (only if mesh or vinyl cover is being used)
  • Starting pump filter
  • Adding start-up chemicals
  • Extra chemicals are available for free delivery during time of opening

Pool closing services include:

  • Putting cover on
  • Removal of hand rails
  • Shutting down the pump system
  • Adding closing chemicals

To schedule your pool opening or closing, please contact Raft to Rafters service team today.