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Raft to Rafters Pool and Spa installs spas and hot tubs and provides service for your new hot tub or spa. Make owning a spa fun and effortless. Our services include:

  • Spa School – As an annual in-store offering to all customers, we teach methods that help spa owners troubleshoot and prevent problems before they occur.
  • Water Analysis – With our state-of-the-art computerized analysis equipment, we help ensure that spa water remains “balanced” for the protection of swimmers and equipment.
  • Winterization – When you anticipate extended periods of non-use, our winterization service offers convenience, security, and preservation of your spa.
  • Quarterly Service – Water does become dull from usage and added chemicals. We drain, clean, fill and balance your spa.
  • Cover Replacement – Over time covers can become water laden and heavy. We can get replacement covers for any brand of spa offered in a variety of colors.
  • Service and Repair: We replace and repair motors and heaters, replacement filters, we carry a full-line of hot tub chemicals and parts in our store, provide cover replacement services

To schedule your spa or hot tub maintenance, service or repair, please contact the spa & hot tub professionals at Raft to Rafters